Monthly Archives - May 2020

New Free IoT Platform Release

After a long time without major updates in our community IoT platform, the last 8 of May we finally deployed a new release of the Free IoT Server, which has been hosted since the very beginning of the project to provide the developer’s community the perfect support for learning and developing IoT projects with this technology. This new version updates the functionalities of the public server to match some features offered in the professional license, with the main goal [...]


The Things Network Integration Plugin

Narrowband technology is today one of the best ways to create long-range IoT projects such as Smart City, Industry 4.0, or even Smart Farming, as it offers a great wireless range and penetration being also energy efficient. In previous publications, we have talked about other 0G technologies such as Sigfox and the benefits they have for not overloading the traditional lines of communication on the Internet. This time we bring you closer to another amazing project related to the IoT data infrastructure, [...]