The agricultural sector is one of the sectors that invests the most funds in innovation and the acquisition of new technologies to reduce costs and increase yields, with the aim of producing food for the growing population of our planet, where resources are limited. 

This sector will no longer depend on applying water, and products across entire fields. Instead, farmers will use the minimum quantities required and target specific zones. However, that future is not so far: nowadays there are things that technology can already provide.

IoT plays a very important role in this process by offering:

  • Automatic behaviors and alerts creation with our build-in Rule engine
  • Optimized bandwidth consumption thanks to our light infrastructure
  • Customizable end-user dashboards for real-time and historical data representation
  • Efficient and scalable communication and data management
  • Compatibility with Low-Power communication technologies

These are elements which can be developed with, a platform created for the deployment of large infrastructures in the main areas of farming zones.