Project Brief

Current energy crisis has triggered fuel thefts in many countries, producing estimated losses that already reach around $133 billion globally. So we are talking about a huge problem. Most of the thefts take place during product transfers between refineries and intermediate depots or service stations.

Therefore, the best strategy to control this problem is to maximize the monitoring from several fronts, and using a technology capable of handling all this data in real time to supervise that the fuel flows are carried out in each operation according to what is contractually established with suppliers and customers.

Proposed solution

The solution is carried out by means of a monitoring infrastructure with level sensors connected both to the tanker trucks and to the stationary tanks, allowing to calculate a differential of the volume transferred between them in real time.


The infrastructure merges data from tanks and trucks, allowing to check the volumes in real time and create alerts if there is any discordance.


Compatible with all types of GPS trackers with Internet connection, allows retrieving, storing and analyzing historical or real-time data with integrated features such as customizable end-user dashboards with map display, device management and advanced geoperimetry. for exit/entry alerts.