Project Brief

Over the past few years, the cash-in-transit business has undergone a technological and structural overhaul to increase efficiency and bring it in alignment with the reduction of cash usage in the wake of the covid crisis. The core element of this business is the fleet of armored vehicles that enable the secure.


The digitization of these vehicles enables major improvements in safety, quality and service efficiency. Exhaustive monitoring of different parameters such as the location and status of the vehicle’s locks or its machinery are the basis for the development of preventive maintenance solutions, automated fleet management and systematic surveillance, which issues alerts in the event of anomalies.

Work Station


During 2020 has collaborated in the development of a custom solution for an important spanish cash transport company, in which they benefited from an agile development, reduced time and costs, as well as a highly flexible platform that allowed them to adapt the service to the particularities of their project, using the platform a secure data transport infrastructure, the baseline for all the communication that feeds their fleet management software and simplifies the deployment or maintenance processes for armored trucks.

In summary, the platform was a very useful tool for both operational and fleet facilities.