Project Brief

The modern office is a living environment, monitoring the use of resources is a very useful solution to help the evolution of their spaces, maximizing their performance and reducing operating costs for companies. These systems make it possible to know how much and how the company’s facilities are used, guaranteeing privacy thanks to anonymized user tracking. The variables to be monitored are:
  • Occupancy of meeting rooms
  • Availability of chairs
  • Use of toilets
  • Traffic in corridors and elevators

Proposed solution

With this data we can analyze the dynamics of use of the facilities and establish action plans under the command of cleaning equipment, heating or lighting. They also provide insight into the behavior of meeting room users, providing useful information on an organization’s resource expansion needs.

They also allow environments to evolve in the most convenient direction for the usual behavior of the teams, increasing smaller rooms if the meetings are individual as opposed to large rooms that might always have a low occupancy level.