TTN Stack V3 Integration Plugin

The goal of this plugin is to simplify the integration of applications as well as improve the experience of developers integrating their TTN devices, bringing enhanced functionalities such as device auto-provisioning, uplink and downlink data processing and storage, as well as a simple way to work with all the other Professional Tools

Since its inception, Platform was developed with a strong focus on creating scalability, all its features from the communication protocol with PSON format, the database system, and the server are ready to create large projects. In today's post, we will talk about the last advances made with this objective

Taking dashboards to the next level

The new 2.9.8 release includes a strong improvement of this feature focused on increasing management capabilities for those users that are creating large device deployments, increasing the scalability of the overall system, but also for developers that want to custom each aspect of these interfaces to adapt it to their

New Smartphone APP release

In our constant effort to offer a transversal and polyvalent technology, we became offering an APP console, in addition to the web console, especially focused on providing a simple checking interface for small projects with just a few functionalities to check the status of some implementations or share devices with other

New Gecolocation Features

It is increasingly common for connected projects to use geolocation elements, either to monitor the location of mobile assets such as vehicle fleets or livestock, or just in their graphical interface to help identify different devices through maps, as these visualizations offer an easy way to identify devices in a

Grafana Integration Plugin

Grafana Integration Plugin A new plugin is now available at marketplace, this time it is the integration of the Grafana data representation and analysis platform. In case you don’t know it, Grafana is an Open Source technology especially focused on the creation of dashboards for data sampling and representation