Fleet Tracking

Fleet management is a technology that minimizes the risks associated with vehicle operation, improving efficiency and productivity by monitoring assets to know their location and status, improving maintenance and simplifying supply logistics.

The integration of an advanced IoT platform equipped with real-time data analysis and hyperconnectivity of systems allows to add to the usual fleet tracking products elements that monitor the load and the vehicle environment, providing them with advanced capabilities to improve efficiency, increase the safety of cargo and operators and even develop new strategies and business avenues.

Thinger.io platform allows to create Fleet tracking infrastructures saving time and costs during the development and the deployment of the solution by providing the following features:
  • Simple connection and administration of IoT devices
  • Secure and scalable data collection infrastructure
  • Real time data processing
  • Geofencing and alerts over location data
  • Automatic data evaluation and alerting (engine failures, low fuel, overspeed)