Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT is a growing tendency that proposes connecting all structures, machinery, vehicles and even operators to a server where data is processed as a whole. This produces multiple benefits such as management decision support, remote monitoring of equipment, development of predictive maintenance systems, and digital twins.

The role of IoT in these solutions is always to provide an efficient and secure basis for the connection and management of machinery in real-time, the key functions in which offers solid and reliable support for this technology are:

  • Compatibility with industrial buses
  • Local servers and edge computing
  • High availability infrastructure/li>
  • Secure access
  • Remote management
  • Custom logic

Compatible with every industrial protocol (Modbus, OPCUA, ProfiBUS) and IoT technologies like LoRaWAN, Sigfox, or 4G Thingerio allows to collect, store and analyze real-time data, share results of the analysis with customers and end-users or forward data to third-party analytics frameworks.