IoT Platform Release 6.1.0!

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Platform Version 6.1.0

IoT platform is thrilled to announce the launch of version 6.1.0, a significant update that enhances the functionality and user experience for both our community and private server users.

Therefore, this update introduces a series of new features and improvements designed to streamline project development, enhance device management, and expand the utility of our platform. As a result, here’s everything you need to know about the latest enhancements.

New Features IoT platform

  • Brand PWA configuration πŸ“±: includes support for uploading app icons directly from the filesystem. Like so allows the configuration of both ‘maskable’ and ‘any’ icon purposes. Fixes
PWA Images can be uploaded from filesystem.

PWA Images can be uploaded from filesystem.

  • Brand Share Image πŸ“: includes support for uploading an image and additionally allows direct uploads from the filesystem.
Share Image can be uploaded from filesystem.

Share Image can be uploaded from filesystem

  • Brand Logos ⏱️: are now served from web server instead of a JSON config, which should reduce load time.
  • Brand PWA “start_url” 🌐: to make the console installable on Chrome.
  • Products πŸ“‘: can now be configured to resend device data to a given endpoint. For example, fetch a given resource every n seconds, or take data from a topic, and resend it to another service.
Endpoint configuration on product profile.

Endpoint configuration on product profile

  • Products 🧰: can now configure bucket tags and subsequently use them on the automatic initialization. Fixes
Data tags configuration on the Product bucket.

Data tags configuration on the Product bucket

  • Products πŸ”€: can now handle Resource Streams, i.e., to create custom profiles for HTTP devices.
New Device Stream target on Product API Resources.

New Device Stream target on Product API Resources

  • Endpoint 🎯: call event now provides context about the caller.
New Device Stream target on Product API Resources.

New Device Stream target on Product API Resources


  • Add some resources cache to enhance performance on massive endpoint calls and bucket writes.
  • HTTP devices have migrated to a new connection schema, enabling logging of statistics such as bytes sent, received, and connections, similar to MQTT or IOTMP devices.
  • You can now use HTTP devices inside dashboards with resources defined at the product level.
  • Device property selector for HTML widgets allows selecting any parent node (with nested values), or all property values by not selecting any field. Fixes
  • Property PATCH now supports regular JSON for partial property updates. Fixes
  • Serving brand icons and logos from the filesystem instead of data URLs now improves page load speeds.
  • Dashboard HTML widgets from external storage no longer require public storage access. In the case of members of a project, they will require read access to the storage.
  • You can now generate product properties, topics, resources, and functions by calling a product function.
  • Product bucket writes can now override tags values based on the write payload. Previously, the product always set tags like ‘device’, overriding any ‘device’ field in the payload.
  • Compatibility with OpenSSL 3.0 on SSL certificate provisioning.
  • IP Geocoding automatic updates.

Bug Fixes

  • Apex Charts widget colors do not honor time series color configuration.
  • The system fails to process binary data in the product payload correctly.
  • Visual Studio Code not opening the file storage correctly.
  • The API explorer failed to display products containing only ‘run’ resources.
  • Product profile list for buckets, endpoints, auto provision, and API resources were always displaying ‘Property’ instead of the resource type.
  • Info page display on empty or restricted resources.
  • Statistics on sockets count.

Conclusion IoT platform

As a result, Release 6.1.0 of marks a significant step forward in our commitment to providing a robust, user-friendly IoT platform. In addition, these updates not only improve the functional breadth of our services but also ensure smoother, faster, and more reliable project development for our users. Therefore, whether you’re managing complex device networks or creating custom dashboards, these enhancements will surely elevate your experience.

Join us as we continue to innovate and improve, making the go-to platform for IoT projects worldwide.

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