New IoT Platform Version

Jorge Trincado Castán
Jorge Trincado Castán

We are happy to announce that the new version of IoT platform has been released, and it comes with a lot of new features focused on professional uses!

During the last year, we have been working on different improvements over our platform, with the main objective of making it more extensible and more suitable for big infrastructure IoT projects, but also keeping’s agile orientation, that allows creating IoT projects in a simple way. In the next paragraphs, we have introduced the three improvement lines that have been applied in this release.

Private ‌ Cloud Instances

A new Deployment Tool to create Private ‌ Cloud Instances within minutes. Private instances are isolated Cloud infrastructure without resource limits, therefore from now on it will be possible to connect unlimited devices, and unlimited buckets or endpoints can be created in the same account. These instances can be deployed over AWS and Digital Oceans servers within minutes and with benefits such as fixed costs or selecting the server region closest to the device networks. And also, thanks to the On-premise installation, it is possible to deploy over any other cloud provider or create a local self-hosted infrastructure. More information in the Deployment site. cloud pricing table

Multi-tenancy platform

New administration features have been added focused on multi-tenancy projects, such as a Users Management to create and manage individual customer accounts and a Rebranding tool that allows making multiple custom web consoles by setting logotypes, colors, and web domains. IoT Whilte Label

Plugins System

This is maybe the most significant improvement, that is allowing us to extend features as fast as our market does.  We have implemented a Plugin System that allows deploying third-party software together with the platform. This is allowing us to extend platform integrations faster, and also providing users a way to custom their IoT instances just with the tools they need for their projects. Some examples of plugins that have been included in our marketplace are Node-RED, Sigfox Cloud integration, and The Things Network (TTN) devices integration. IoT Plugins


New IoT features

And that’s not all, while most of the changes have been focused on deployment and integration, there has also time to create new functionalities to simplify working with the IoT devices data and making Web Console more flexible, this release includes:

  • File Storage System to save context data and non-IoT files
  • Data aggregation system that provides real-time processed data for analysis or representations in widgets
  • An HTML customizable widget that can be used as a basis to implement custom widgets
  • Improved HTML devices to integrate via REST API
  • Device properties to store configuration data for the IoT devices
  • New device Dashboard to simplifies configuration

Older users will notice that we have also updated Documentation, thanks to a Gitbook migration that has greatly simplified our work in incorporating instructions on all changes, that can be found as always in the support section. Note that all the new features are not available yet for the Community Accounts as this involves doing some migration, but hopefully it will be upgraded soon and will be available for free just signing up in our web-home or using the traditional login.



And what’s now? Actually we have a really extend roadmap for this 2020. We continue developing features that will help our large community of users to create bigger and more complete IoT projects, with some tools such as a project/product Manager, the integration of MQTT protocol and an online software development tool that will provide massive OTA (Over The Air)  programming for the connected devices.




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