Project Description

The Internet of Things is the main technology of the lasts agrotech improvements, since it offers an economic and scalable infrastructure for the deployment of large data recovery systems to know the behavior of the resources at all times.

International Conference Smart Farming | VDI Wissensforum

The monitoring and remote control capabilities of the IoT allows to develop a precision agriculture to make better decisions and increase productivity, introducing sensors that allow to monitor various elements such as

  • Climatology of the fields and warehouses using connected sensors
  • connected agricultural machinery allows knowing its maintenance status and location
  • Intelligent irrigation infrastructure remotely controlled without cables
  • Interior crops
  • Livestock tracking


Based on long range LP Wan communications, large device networks can be deployed with reduced cost, avoiding connection issues using private networks and gateways connected to the Open Source platform that provides a transversal technology to connect any kind of IoT sensor, device or data source. It allows data aggregation through state-of-the-art solutions such as artificial intelligence, predictive analysis, big-data, and social big data, which allows taking optimal decisions.