Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

Project Description

IoT allows great improvements in asset tracking by means of GPS trackers for fleet monitoring or RFID/LoRa tags for indoor identification, which is quite useful on large infrastructures. This technology is used to deploy business intelligence, geofencing and alerting systems over the geolocation data. Platform provides a secure, scalable and reliable cloud-based IoT platform for retrieving data from tracking devices, allowing to implement of multiple verticals such as:

  • Vehicle fleet management
  • High-value assets monitoring
  • Personal tracking for childs, elders or dependents

Compatible with every kind of GPS tracker with an internet connection, allows to retrieve, store and analyze real-time or historical data with built-in features such as Customizable end-user dashboards with map representation, device administration, and advanced geofencing for exit/enter alerts. 

GPS Data can be sent using multiple vias such as GPRS, 3/4G, Sigfox, LoRaWAN technologies. Platform has been provided with multiple connectors that allow retrieving data from all of them in a simple and scalable way.  


  • Minimize operating costs and maximize asset performance
  • Enhance assets security
  • Identify and analyze the performance of each asset to eliminate weaknesses
  • Improve asset availability and maintenance
  • Achieve faster response times and higher profitability