Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT

Project Description

Internet of things allows industries a new way to obtain information about the status and performance of their infrastructure and production processes, allowing great improvements in efficiency and maintenance. Platform provides secure and scalable connection infrastructure from the design process to production and operation. It allows the connectivity of machinery and industrial infrastructure with minimal impact on daily operations, through the integration of traditional SCADA systems and new connected devices that allow integration with a flexible, modern and economical IIoT software, with which it is possible to aggregate information from different data sources obtaining information that the old SCADA is not capable of.

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Compatible with every industrial protocols (Modbus, OPCUA, ProfiBUS) and many other connected sensors allows to collect, store and analyze real-time and historical data, share results of the analysis with customers and end-users or forward data to third-party analytics frameworks.


  • Advanced electricity usage monitoring;
  • Assets management
  • Machinery health analysis and reporting
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Business Intelligence
  • Digital Tweens
  • Accurate CO2 footprint evaluation
  • Bottleneck identification


Optimizing productive processes with IIoT allows reducing costs, increase efficiency, enhanced safety and quality control, increase the accuracy of inventory management.