Smart Water

Smart Water

Project Description

Water is one of the most valuable resources for any civilization, that is why knowing its properties and the state of the related infrastructures is very important for its correct use.’s IoT technology offers a complete system for the deployment of all types of smart water infrastructure projects such as:

  • Coast monitoring with Smart Buoys
  • Water utility industry
  • Smart irrigation systems
  • Water reservoirs measurement
  • Monitoring of treatment and desalination plants

The current sensors allow measuring water properties such as PH, salinity, oxidation, chlorine, pathogens and there are also a variety of useful sensors for the distribution infrastructure that allow the recovery of variables such as instantaneous water flow, tank level, pressure, etc. platform is completely compatible with all of them and retrieves data from every kind of networks and data transfer protocols allowing to ingest, store and analyze the data from devices in customizable dashboards as well as create automatisms that help us react early to any incidences that arise in the treatment or supply of water in cities and crops.


  • Increase efficiency, data traceability, prevent, and alert water leaks.
  • Cleaner and safer sanitary waters
  • More efficient and sustainable supply systems