Private Cloud IoT Platform is a tool to create connected products. It allows you, in a fast an easy way, connect as many devices as you need. It scales with the best security standards from one to millions of devices. You can see your data in real time, and create custom dashboards without writing any code. Whatever your industry is, adapts 100% to your project needs thanks to the built-in integrations.

The IoT Platform of the Future is the IoT Platform that fits all your business requirements

Private Cloud deploys in a flexible way, and adapts to each project needs. Our Private Cloud offers the best flexibility, so you don’t have to worry about infrastructure. We can also install and maintain on-premise.

Projects Management

All assets in can be organized in terms of Projects. Share your IoT deployments with your clients, maintenance staff, or system integrators.

Role-Based Access Control

Create access levels and roles, to decide who can access which data. Create different permissions to access isolated IoT environments.

Your Own Domain and Branding

Customize the Platform appearance using your own domain, logo, and brand. Our technology allows you to have different brands in the same deployment.

Connect any IoT device

Thinger accepts almost any device and standard in the market: IOTMP, MQTT, LoraWAN, Sigfox, OPC-UA, Satellite, NB-IoT...
Develop for Arduino, embedded Linux or just the REST API.

Store, View and Analyze

With our custom dashboards, you can see real time and historic data, without writting any code.
Select different widgets from a list and using drag&drop technology to configure the layout of the dashboard.

Third Party Integrations

Our REST API allows you to send and receive information from your own services. Integrate them with real time data.

IoT Marketplace

Our plugins are able to adapt the platform to any specific requirement your project might have.

File Storage

Flexible cloud storage to support features as HTML widgets or OTA systems o any other non-volatile information neccesary.


Define virtual perimeters over geographical areas as radius or polygons. Create alers according to custom configuration and track any asset.

Fast and easy integration

At we have developed a Software Client to easily connect Arduino based devices, compatible with a wide variety of hardware, as it allow to extract all the features.

Also available for Linux devices.


Remotely send new firmware to IoT devices over the Internet, no matter where they are.

Keep devices updated with new security patches and code improvements in a fast and scalable way.

It integrates with Visual Studio Code to streamline the development process, just compile and upload as if the device where connected to the computer.

Have an IoT product and want to simplify its management at scale? Configure data to be stored, create dashboard templates, set custom data processors, or build REST APIs for MQTT devices.


Start building your IoT products

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