Running IoT server on Amazon Web Services

Picture of Alvaro Luis Bustamante
Alvaro Luis Bustamante

Some weeks ago, we released Ubuntu Snap packages for installing the IoT server easily on Ubuntu Core, or Ubuntu 16.04. Today we have updated the instructions for a more reliable setup, specially for keeping the MongoDB instance running after reboot. Moreover, we have prepared an AMI (Amazon Machine Image) that allows deploying a sandboxed IoT server instance in a few clicks. As any other AMI, you can specify the instance size, network, security groups, SSH keys, and so on.

The only requirement is just to search the AMI image when launching the instance. Therefore, search for thinger in the Community AMIs. It is recommend to install the latest version available as you will get the latest features by default. Once installed, the server instance can be updated by using the snap mechanism.

For the security groups, it is recommended to open the SSH port, HTTP, HTTPS, TCP 25200, AND TCP 25202. Then you can use your own Internet of Things server by accessing your host IP address.

Enjoy! 🙂

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