Ad-Hoc Deployment

Deploy anywhere, from your own premises to any cloud, in any container service or orchestration layer like Kubernetes.

Remote Monitoring

Real Time 24/7 Monitoring. Automatically, in your own infrastructure.


Deploy the platform in multiple nodes on the same infrastructure or distributed all throughout the world.

Cloud and On-Premise deploys in a flexible way, and addapts to each project needs. Our Private Cloud offers the best flexibility, so you don’t have to worry about infrastructure. We can also install and mantain Thinger in your own services, from local test deployments, to your own datacenters.

Security by design, by default has been designed with the highest secutiry standards for IoT applications. From local networking, to massive deployments.

Your own domain and branding

Customize the Platform appearance using your own domain, logo, and brand. Our tecnnology allows you to have many designs in the same server.