Smart Building

Over the last 30 years, buildings have acquired great technological advances that simplify their maintenance and improve people’s comfort. Traditionally, ad-hoc wiring and centralized systems have been used for each facility, IoT is revolutionizing this environment, providing a common infrastructure for every solutions and additional services thanks to the interoperability of systems. platform offers essential functionalities for a successful IoT deployment:

  • Efficient and scalable communication and data management
  • Edge-to-edge secured infrastructure
  • Hardware agnostic, allows to integrate devices from every manufacturer
  • Allows integration with voice services such as Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Permission management for each user
  • White label user interface

There is a multitude of applicable use cases, especially in large structures such as hotels, campuses, offices, and neighborhood communities such as: climatization, access or occupational control, Irigation systems and much more.

The integration of building infrastructures can be done by means of IoT and old standard connectors. As is an agnostic platform, it allows to retrieve data from all of them simplifying the development of the solution with just one platform.