How has helped to reach SDGs?

Thinger has prioritized meeting as many objectives as possible in order to contribute to the future of the world and the environment. Not only that, but the company encourages to also take action and work with these goals offering an open-source platform.

New Bucket Export Formats for IoT Analytics

In, you can use data buckets to store and export any time-series data from your IoT devices. At this moment, the platform allowed to use this information in a web dashboard, or export the information in CSV format for offline analysis. In our experience with some research centers, we

IoT Data Recording

Nowadays, almost all¬†Internet of Things platforms out there are basically servers to store information from devices. It is quite common to see “IoT platforms” that are relying on the same Web technology used during the last decade, but now to communicate with the IoT devices. In this framework, the small