How to connect an ESP32 to using ESP-ID...

In we do our best to listen to what our community needs, that is why when this week a user asked us if could be integrated with ESP-IDF framework we jumped to the opportunity of trying it out and provide a viable solution for anyone that wants to

Why 70% of the IIoT projects fail in the POC?

We spoke with the expert in IoT and digital transformation, Jeff Winter, about his overview of this industry. He is one of the top thought leaders for Industry 4.0 and is on the board of about a half dozen industry associations and standards groups.

New Integration: Arduino MKR 1010 WiFi

The developer and maker environment has just taken a great leap thanks to the presentation of the new Arduino MKR 1010 WiFi. More and more often, companies use these kinds of devices to create their firsts MVPs, as they are really easy to use and allows a fast deployment. That’s why we

New IoT Hardware: ClimaStick!

We are so proud to announce a new hardware development kit designed from the team! After more than one year of design and testing, here is the board! ClimaStick. It is available to purchase directly from our store. This board is a complete Internet of Things development kit, that integrates

New features on data buckets

Some days ago, we released some new features on data buckets that we wanted to share with you! Here they come: Show tabular data in the bucket explorer Now the data bucket explorer allow displaying your data bucket in a tabular format, so you can review the information in a

Communication Between Devices in IoT

In this post we want to introduce a new feature released in the latests server updates and Arduino libraries (starting at 2.5.0). This feature is related to inter-device communication in real-time, both for devices of the same account, or devices from different accounts. In, it is possible that devices can communicate between