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Jorge Trincado Castán
Jorge Trincado Castán professional tools

Since its inception, Platform was developed with a strong focus on creating scalability, all its features from the communication protocol with PSON format, the database system, and the server are ready to create large projects, however, some tools were missing to allow a deployment and resource management equally scalable. In today’s post, we will talk about the last advances made with this objective and the new functionalities that have been launched to allow easy creation and administration of large networks of devices and users, implemented to allow the use of the platform in B2B and B2B2C projects.

Multitenant Features

The platform has been provided with flexible tools that allows to create of different product structures, both for B2B2C products and B2B projects with multiple customers in which a complex permission hierarchy is required.

  • Project Management Tool: it is now possible to deploy independent projects within a single instance, associating resources and users to simplify their scalable administration.
  • Multiple user account roles: A complete user management tool that allows creating accounts with different roles allows to implement privilege hierarchies in three levels: “Admin” for the server owner, “Developer” for collaborators “Project member” accounts with read-only privileges for customers or guests, that will only be able to show the specific resources of projects that they have been associated by an Admin or Developer profile and execute the tasks that they have been allowed to make.

    The combination of these features allows implementing multitenancy structures, in which each project developer acts as a Tennant that can manage end users’ resources.

  • Asset types: To gather devices by “Type” or “Group”, that will share configurations or parameters, simplifying their scalable management. This feature has also been incorporated with a geofencing and alerting function that allows monitoring of the IoT network in real-time. 
  • Custom branding and web domain: As our main objective is to provide our customers with a simple way to create their own IoT platform, our web console can be easily modified with a custom web domain, brand colors, and logotypes.   

Sigfox Cloud Integration

Probably the best way to develop an IoT product in a low time period is combining our platform with Sigfox devices, as they have a large community of hardware developers and an extensive telecommunications network tailored to the needs of our industry. 

The integration of Sigfox with has been improved by means of a plugin that allows device auto-provisioning, data processing, and create bidirectional communication with devices. 

New pricing for companies

IoT technology is applied to a great diversity of verticals and use cases, there are projects of all types with very different business models, that is why our pricing proposal tries to accommodate all of them with subscriptions designed for the needs of each client. 

In addition, we continue to maintain our commitment to the developer and education community, with a free account that allows you to test almost all the features of the system and a personal account for makers and small prototypes at a very low price.

Extended Support

There is nothing better than having expert assistance during the first steps of a project, to solve doubts and work in the right direction in order to reduce integration costs and timings. To make this easier offers 24/7 support thanks to our community of users, but we also provide business customers with a specialized support team via email and video call that can be added to any “Medium” subscription or higher. 

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