Author - Jorge Trincado Castán

OTA Programming for IoT devices

OTA programming is finally here! That amazing technology allows to upload new firmware to our IoT devices “Over the Air” or to be more precise, through the internet, solving a lot of problems when it comes to keeping device firmware up to date, being able to renew SSL certificates, patch bugs or simply upgrade IoT products after they are deployed. That’s why this functionality has been very much pursued by IoT developers in the last years, and from we [...]


TTN Stack V3 Integration Plugin

Last May 28th, The Things Network publicly announced the launch of its new stack for the deployment of LoRaWAN devices highlighting among its new features a new architecture with new components, a new support for uplink and downlink payload formatter, and an uplink system with message priorities that will be very useful to manage parameters in the deployed devices. All these features add to TTN’s value proposition, which today has the largest LoRaWAN network in the world through a [...]

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Since its inception, Platform was developed with a strong focus on creating scalability, all its features from the communication protocol with PSON format, the database system, and the server are ready to create large projects, however, some tools were missing to allow a deployment and resource management equally scalable. In today’s post, we will talk about the last advances made with this objective and the new functionalities that have been launched to allow easy creation and administration of [...]


Taking dashboards to the next level dashboarding system is one of the most famous features of the platform, as it allows creating graphical interfaces in a very simple way and without coding. Just selecting different widgets from an extensive list and using drag&drop technology the dashboard look and feel can be configured within minutes, then, little forms allow to manage the functionality of each widget so we can develop dashboards for many different purposes within minutes, such as data visualization from real-time or historical [...]


New Smartphone APP release

Today we  release a new version of APP with similar aspect but a completely new approach In our constant effort to offer a transversal and polyvalent technology, we became offering an APP console, in addition to the web console, especially focused on providing a simple checking interface for small projects with just a few functionalities to check the status of some implementations or share devices with other users when the web console doesn’t provide this option. After its initial launch, we [...]


New Gecolocation Features

It is increasingly common for connected projects to use geolocation elements, either to monitor the location of mobile assets such as vehicle fleets or livestock, or just in their graphical interface to help identify different devices through maps, as these visualizations offer an easy way to identify devices in a given network based on their position. There are many software technologies that allow taking advantage (improve) the geolocation capacities of any project, both when visualizing the data and to program [...]


Grafana Integration Plugin

Grafana Integration Plugin A new plugin is now available at marketplace, this time it is the integration of the Grafana data representation and analysis platform. In case you don’t know it, Grafana is an Open Source technology especially focused on the creation of dashboards for data sampling and representation that allows using different data sources, including temporary source databases such as Graphite, InfluxDB or OpenTSDB. Grafana project emerged in the year 2014 and since then has created a large [...]


New Free IoT Platform Release

After a long time without major updates in our community IoT platform, the last 8 of May we finally deployed a new release of the Free IoT Server, which has been hosted since the very beginning of the project to provide the developer’s community the perfect support for learning and developing IoT projects with this technology. This new version updates the functionalities of the public server to match some features offered in the professional license, with the main goal [...]


The Things Network Integration Plugin

Narrowband technology is today one of the best ways to create long-range IoT projects such as Smart City, Industry 4.0, or even Smart Farming, as it offers a great wireless range and penetration being also energy efficient. In previous publications, we have talked about other 0G technologies such as Sigfox and the benefits they have for not overloading the traditional lines of communication on the Internet. This time we bring you closer to another amazing project related to the IoT data infrastructure, [...]

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Although it was born as a M2M technology, today MQTT is undoubtedly one of the most extended Internet of Things communication protocols, thanks to its integration simplicity and flexibility. That is why many commercial sensors have native MQTT integrations that can be configured to connect to a specific broker. However, MQTT only establishes a channel for communications, to create an IoT project we need other management tools, storage or data visualization, this is the role played by the IoT [...]