Project Brief

Air quality has become a closely watched variable in both open and enclosed spaces. The use of IoT, allow us turning offices into safe places that motivate and inspire employees to work. Cleanliness is a key element in preventing the spread of disease, so companies have begun a strategic approach to solving these problems.

Companies have started to bet on technology and innovation to try to offer these non-polluting and autonomous solutions used in different environments in order to reduce the presence of dissolved microorganisms in the air.  IoT it’s becoming a key technology in order to develop these infrastructures in an scalable and consistent way.

Proposed solution

Air purification devices employ different ionization and filtering methods that require periodic maintenance to guarantee their performance. The maintenance interval depend on the characteristics of the environment. This poses a logistical problem in the long term, due to the large number of devices being installed in each building.


To support such a complex infrastructure it is essential to have an IoT technology that allows to manage the information resources in a very scalable way that allows to put in automatic pilot the monitoring of the equipment and the sending of alerts based on events.’s Platform provides all the necessary tools for the development of this data infrastructure:
  • Simplifying the development of the air filtering devices infrastructures each building
  • Generating notifications when an anomaly is detected
  • Providing advanced data visualization that allows to verify the status of each equipment in long term and real time.